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Background: The statistics of poverty in Syracuse are staggering. According to the 2013 Census, 1 out of 2 children in Syracuse live in poverty. The city has 30 high poverty neighborhoods, meaning 40% of people within the neighborhood live below the federal poverty line. In addition, Syracuse has the nation's highest poverty concentrations among blacks and Hispanics. 

Our Goal: Brady Faith Center, located on South Ave. puts a face to these numbers through the people they serve every day. One wide-reaching program of Brady is called Summer Servants, an overnight service trip in Syracuse, NY, attended by local teenagers. It aims to educate teenagers from outside and within the city on our issues, give them an opportunity to serve within these neighborhoods, and celebrate the differences all of our communities bring to the table. 

How You Can Help: We will run one week of camp this July, during which 50-60 participants are housed and fed together. Brady Faith Center is looking for community business partners for donations of gift cards, goods, food products or meals to supply at Summer Servants 2024. 

Brady Faith Center’s Summer Servants camp invites people not only to learn about Syracuse’s poverty, but also to intersect their present lives and futures with the desperate cry of the poor- relationally, educationally and systemically. We invite you to help us to continue this reality. 

Questions: Contact Brady Faith Center's new Summer Servants Coordinator, Nicole Littlepage, at